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Sunhee is a Psychic, Medium, Empath and Physical Healer for 14 years now. Her niche is “Physical Healing” which means that she specializes with physical areas in your life. She is a medical intuitive, feel your career, financial, and sees far future in all areas of your life. She delivers her messages in a compassionate and loving way. Sunhee will immediately pick up on your physical ailments and help you get to the root of your issues or problems so that you can balance your emotions. You will get a burst of energy talking to Sunhee, her mission is to make sure you have a psychic healing experience and evolve spiritually.

Both Chinhee and Sunhee recognized their gifts of clairvoyance, empathy, telepathy, and mediumship at a young age. At 15, they both had the same dream of their mother dying from Cancer. Their prediction came true shortly after. At 19, the twins started to exercise more of their abilities within the entertainment industry. It was during this time that they were spotted in the streets of Manhattan by an NBA basketball player and talent agent. This talent agent sent them on auditions for small parts in Law & Order, MTV, TBS, Independent Films as psychics, Estee Lauder Shoot, Got Milk Twins, Marie Claire Magazine, Book of Twins, Time, People, and many other international magazines and newspapers. That was an amazing experience for these two small town girls.

This lead to finding themselves taking an interest in what was taking place behind the scenes and as a result soon took over their agent’s business. This agent was amazed at their ability to know what actors or models were going to get booked for a specific project. At 21, they were considered the youngest talent managers in the industry and the only company who specialized with "ethnic" and "real" people. The twins also worked for a boutique business management firm that represented A-list celebrities such as Raquel Welch, Judy Collins, NBA Basketball Stars, actors/models/artists. They also did aerial photography by hanging out of a Robinson R22 helicopter without a door. They shot riots, celebrity weddings, news coverage, the O.J. case and so on. Sunhee worked with NY-1 News assisting the Celebrity reporter for high society events, and movie premieres while Chinhee was at Paramount Pictures helping Don Johnson in casting his t.v. series. Their path took them to where they are today in the spiritual world.

I am a giver and I love to give to those who are less fortunate. Life is short and I know my purpose is to help as many people and animals possible. I love all people and can connect with any soul. It’s my priviledge and honor to assist people in their healing process. I will do this til’ the end.


Psychic, Psychic readings, Psychometry, ESP, Paranormal, Spirits, Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Clairaudient, Telepathy, Energy Healing, Medical Intuitive, Telekinesis, Character Profiling, Financial Intuitive.

Experience: Worked for many psychic companies, own my own, worked parties, galleries, and private readings for over 15 years. Also worked for a CPA firm that managed high profile clients, Talent Agent, and Artist.

American Psychic Magazine

Bellesprit Magazine

The Best Psychics and Mediums Directory

Professional production companies have offered us our very own tv show. We have created 2 4 sizzle reels

I was in the Battle of the Psychics tv show in the Ukraine, made it to the top 12, and turned down the offer due to my own project.

Currently am filming a pilot for my own tv show for networks.


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Past/present Clients:

My clients come from all walks of life. I do specialize with artists, creative people, entrepreneurs, celebrity clientele, and people with terminal illnesses.



"Sunhee Park: She didn't have to ask questions. She knew. Brilliant. I was laughing so hard. I could instantly feel her high vibration and her healing. She could see precisely who was hanging around in my energy field and how I was picking up on them empathically and getting drained. She is THE best! No agendas and she has great boundaries and didn't want anything from me! How refreshing!" - Kristi Joyce

"Kia ora, Sunhee did a Mini reading for me, She had never met or spoken to me at the time. She sent me a reading Via email. It was insightful and accurate. Her intuition was spot on, she knew I was vegetarian and wore strange clothes (my words not hers) She also told me some personal truths. Both Sunhee and Chinhee's ability to connect with people is a very special gift which they share with open hearts, open minds while keeping it real...." -Lynley Fermanis

"I was blessed to first connect with Sunhee when I became a member of their website. With nothing more than my basic information when I signed up Sunhee welcomed me and told me some things that no one else could possibly know. I was fortunate to have a reading with by both Sunhee and Chinhee, I was blown away by how accurate they were, right down to knowing that I would face some struggles that I wasnt aware of UNBELIEVABLE THEY HAPPENED!!" - Brenda Herzog

"I've had the pleasure of having a reading done by Sunhee Park a few times and she's just been truly amazing. She doesn't make you feel like you're a client but make you feel more like a friend. Every time we talk its like picking up the phone to call a close friend. She's very accurate with her readings and I just couldn't ask for a better reader than her. I will always call on her when I need to have a reading done." -Jenn Asson

"You KNOW your dealing with a truly gifted psychic healer when you get a reading from Sunhee Park. Not only does she completely blow your mind by her of depth of understanding but also emits an incredible feeling of positive and uplifting energy into your spiritual self. She knew things about me that I have never talked about with even my closest friends and family and that alone is a jaw dropper! Thank you Sunhee for reassuring, motivating, healing, and most important, ridding me of my demons that never should have been allowed into my life to begin with. I sincerely hope that every person has the opportunity to experience a loving reading from THE Sunhee Park!"

I am blown away by Sunhee’s kindness. She responded with the compassion you would expect from best friend or sister, and her message contained the wisdom I would hope to receive if I were to be directly speaking with the angels. Sunhee took care and time to address a topic in my life that I consider to be extremely fragile and sensitive and I felt her immediate attention and gentleness. I felt like She was dead on accurate and responded with a depth and understanding that really blew me away. She nailed incredibly specific details and helped me understand and heal some issues I had been carrying around for several YEARS. I feel Sunhee really listened with her heart. I felt a strangely intense and beautiful energy, as my questions were being addressed. I did feel like I actually had energy work performed on me aside from just having the reading. I am a spiritual shop owner and feel that finding someone with this much psychic ability combined with a connection to ancient wisdom and the purity of a crystalline heart to be one of the most rare combinations in existence. I have often dreaded speaking with psychics because the balance of heart and wisdom is so rarely there. Sunhee is a Teacher, Friend, and Wise Women, and I am just overwhelmed with gratitude to have had this experience. -J. B., New York

I had appointment yesterday with Sunhee and from the moment I heard her talk I knew this would be a great reading. She did not waste time getting into the details and most of all, she focused on whats going on now and gave me valuable tools to manage through. She was right on the nose with all of her assessments. What I valued about our conversation was her honesty. I have been to many others who use and abuse people at vulnerable states in their lives and you leave the conversation even more confused. Not with Sunhee, because she will not let you, she cares. I just wish I could speak with her more often. Very positive woman. - T.J.

She had me at hello. From the very first e-mail correspondence with Sunhee, I knew she was someone special. It wasn’t until we connected on the phone that I knew the word “special” was so multi-dimensional. Her warmth, compassion and zest are unparalleled (can I use the cliché “it felt like I knew her forever” without being judged? It is true). The only competition to her infectious persona, is the gift that lives within her – you almost forget why you are calling until the first bomb drops and leaves you without words (I am Italian – it is a near impossible feat to keep me quiet - yet - she did). I believe it was at about the 32 second mark that she started telling me things that were IMPOSSIBLE for her to know. The conversation flowed – and she validated things in a way that left me feeling euphoric, optimistic and ready to take on the world at the end of the call. Having seen many top psychics clear across the country, I have to say the seamless combination of a beautiful soul, dash of humor, generosity and an incredibly accomplished third eye, have put Sunhee on my psychic speed dial. Thank you for everything. I cannot wait to check back in with you…is tomorrow too soon? J Much gratitude. ~ Anonymous, NY

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